Complete bath treatment facility (plant 2002), origin Zalco Aluminium B.V. at Vlissingen, The Netherlands, regenerating raw materials, consisting of belt conveyor 600mm, with discharge chute and inclining belt conveyor (large pipe shielded), Ø 2500mm, over anode workshop to unbroken bath silo, cylindrical vertical c.s. unbroken bath silo, vol. 290m, with conical bottom, reciprocating feeder etc., FOB bulk bunker, vol. 10m3, 3200 x 2300mm, including auto clean dedust filter, rotating valve ventilator, stack with muffier etc., inclining toughed belt conveyor, 1500 x 40000mm, large pipe shielded, including Paul Lenoir belt magnet, model AD/OV 800, 125CR, FCB rotating autogenous mill, model 11,5 - L 120, daim. 2000mm, P=127kW, including reductor, mill spout feeder with discharge trough etc., c.s. cylindrical tapped bath silo, vol. 50 tons on 4 legged support, including dedust filter with fan, model 1FVS 36/1/2,3, conical bottom with truck loading spout and Solios manual mass-flow bagging machine, type GBD/20, FCB automatic sampler, model EP30, including discharge screw conveyor and spout, c.s. cylindrical broken bath silo, vol. 480 tons, with dedust filter, including fan, 2 truck loading spouts, aluminium/bath, mixing and dosing station, Sinex vibratory trough with Lenoi magnetic drum separator, model STMV 40/80, Vimec vibration screening machine, model VRE 100/200C, FCB process air bag filter, dim. 8200 x 3800 x 4120mm, including discharge screw conveyor, filter far, P=132kW, including stack, ducts and piping etc., the system complete incl. line control, measurement, equipment, electrical hook-up etc. Additional information and/or on site appointments via