For who

UTB Industrial Acquisitions acquires all industrial assets and real estate in the event of:

  • industrial consolidations
  • factory closures
  • business closures
  • financial collapse

UTB is active internationally and works mostly in the automotive, chemical, paper, packaging, plastics and metal industries.


UTB Industrial Acquisitions acquires your industrial assets in their entirety, including production lines, machinery, inventory and stocks.

UTB takes care of the entire process, from disassembly and dismantling to the clean delivery of the location. Where necessary, we work with certified companies that act in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Real Estate

In addition to the assets, we often acquire the real estate. The advantage of this is that all the agreements made regarding sales and transfer are made with one party, and without reservations.

If you would like to know what UTB Industrial Acquisitions can do for you, please contact us.