About UTB Industrial Acquisitions

What began in the early 1980's as a dealer in machinery and steel in The Netherlands, has become a wholesale purchaser active throughout Europe. UTB Industrial Acquisitions has grown as a result of extensive market knowledge and a strong network, which has enabled us to build a reputation of being a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

UTB Industrial Acquisitions specializes in consolidations and terminations and in complete acquisitions of movable assets and real estate within various industrial sectors in times of closure and or bankruptcy. Both a continuation of the company if viable (restart, going concern) and if unavoidable a liquidation will always be thoroughly investigated.

We are specialists within the heavy industry; Metal, Plastics and Rubber, Food-processing and Chemical.

Our working method

UTB specializes in international acquisitions - going concern and/or decommissioning - of complete machine parks and plants within the heavy industry (mainly Metal, Plastics and Rubber, Food-processing and Chemical). Moreover UTB Industrial Acquisitions purchases movable assets and real estate in case of business failure.

Total package

UTB Industrial Acquisitions provides a complete package of services. This means that we can manage the whole process for you, from the disassembly of the machine park to making your premises ready for sale.

Broad range

UTB Industrial Acquisitions does not limit itself to the acquisition of particular components or materials. We take possession of the entire machine park, including the property itself, where applicable. At your request, stock can also be bought up in its entirety. This can include raw materials or half-assembled products. Paper, rubber, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), steel as well as other products can be included in the package.

Certified professionals

UTB Industrial Acquisitions works exclusively with certified professionals to disassemble your machinery and decommission your production premises. These companies work according to national environmental requirements and legislation.

If you choose UTB Industrial Acquisitions, you can rest assured that we will mobilize our extensive network on your behalf. We will go to every effort to find the right solutions in the often difficult circumstances of an insolvency. When you look back, we want you to be able to look back with satisfaction at the actions of UTB Industrial Acquisitions.