About UTB

UTB Industrial Acquisitions is decisive and has many years of experience in the acquisition of industrial assets and real estate. We operate internationally and have proven ourselves in large and complex industrial consolidations and company/factory closures.


UTB Industrial Acquisitions consists of a team of highly-motivated professionals who offer tailor-made solutions for every process. If necessary, our team supplements its numbers for a particular project by engaging local specialists and partners. This makes us flexible and allows us to act quickly.

Working method

We take a personal approach, which means we offer tailor-made solutions in often complex processes. We approach our work energetically and can act quickly and decisively without reservation. In addition, we offer a financial commitment in advance.

At the start of a project we translate the agreements into a customised plan with a clear timeline. During implementation we work transparently, systematically and in fine detail, and we take any ongoing production and/or logistics processes into account.

When it comes to the disassembly of machines and installations, we work with certified specialists if necessary who comply with local laws and regulations.